The right to live and learn in peace must not dim

published 18 May 2018 updated 18 May 2018

EI condemns the use of lethal force that resulted in the deaths of dozens of Palestinian protesters and the scores of injured, including children, on the Gaza border earlier this week. EI is particularly concerned by what this now means for the fledgling peace process and joins with the wider trade union and peace movements in expressing our sadness and anger for the loss of life and reiterate the statement adopted at its Seventh World Congress.

“We, the members of Education International call on the leaders of both Israel and the Palestine Authority to enter into good faith negotiations with the objective to create a viable Palestine state, to end the Israeli occupation of the occupied land and to achieve a peace agreement which will provide security for both Palestine and Israel. To be successful the details of such an agreement can only be determined through negotiations between the two parties within the framework of international law.”