UNI Global Union elects Christy Hoffman as General Secretary

published 19 June 2018 updated 26 June 2018

The Union Network International (UNI) elected Christy Hoffman, a labour leader from the United States, as its new General Secretary.

In her acceptance speech Hoffman said that the organization is determined to mobilize its membership to succesfully confront corporate greed, inequality and violations of labour rights.

“In every country, working people face corporate greed, inequality, low wages, attacks on collective bargaining, and the rise of the gig economy—often with xenophobia and right-wing extremism thrown in for good measure,” she added.

Hoffman, who is a lawyer by profession, was UNI’s Deputy General Secretary since 2009. She negotiated a number of global agreements with employers which secure the rights of workers to organise. She also played a key role in the recent establishment of the “Accord for Fire and Building Safety” in Bangladesh.

UNI, which brings together some 20 million workers in the services sector, held its 5th World Congress on 17-20 June in Liverpool, UK.

Under the motto “Making it happen” some two thousand union representatives from 140 countries discussed the “Future world of work” and “Unions for a sustainable global economy”. The UNI Congress paid tribute to outgoing General Secretary Philip Jennings who led the organization since its creation in 2000.

EI was represented by General Secretary Emeritus Fred van Leeuwen.

Outgoing UNI General Secretary Philip Jennings (right) with General Secretary Emeritus Fred van Leeuwen.