CSFEF meeting underscores importance of Francophone trade union voices on climate change

published 19 July 2019 updated 19 July 2019

Trade union representatives of Francophone Affiliates of Education International (EI) gathered today at the Francophone Trade Union Committee for Education and Training (CSFEF) meeting to discuss ways how their voices must continue to be heard at the EI 8th World Congress by way of resolutions or via francophone representation in decision-making bodies.

In smaller group discussions, delegates focused on union representation, the importance of trade union solidarity and of remedying as quickly as possible union fragmentation, particularly within trade union coordination and platforms. This is to better assert the rights and interests of teachers and support staff in education.

Finally, Francophone education unionists are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of taking climate change into account in their collective bargaining demands. This issue represents an authentic educational challenge, and that is why delegates affirmed their desire to train "eco-citizens" and to conduct cooperative research for a democratic look at these issues. Teachers stand in solidarity alongside young people who wish to mobilise for the climate!