Mexico: SNTE welcomes government efforts to boost democracy and quality education

published 7 September 2020 updated 9 June 2021

In Mexico, the Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores de la Educación (SNTE) has welcomed steps taken by the federal government that guarantee certainty in employment, wages, and benefits for education workers.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and its repercussions on health, life, work, and the economy in Mexico, the country is moving forward. “There is social peace, life in democracy and expectations of economic recovery,” said Alfonso Cepeda Salas, SNTE President and member of Education International’s Executive Board.

Acknowledging the progress on democracy, he added: “In these two years of government, a profound national transformation has been undertaken that the SNTE will continue to support as a social, educational, and union actor.”

Unwavering dedication of teachers

Education has not ceased in Mexico, Cepeda Salas said, stressing “the unwavering vocation and professionalism of teachers”. The profession had shown their commitment to people’s education, the strengthening of the public-school system, and the defence of the rights of education workers.

The SNTE will promote the “Stay home. Stay in class” campaign so that no one drops out of school or is excluded from the education system.

Support government

The union will continue to support the government “to achieve the objectives of justice, development, and wellbeing” of its programme.

Cepeda Salas said he was confident that, with the cooperation between the government and the SNTE, between society and the teaching profession, there will be an opportunity to strengthen Mexican public schools.