Member organisations celebrate World Teachers’ Day

published 14 October 2020 updated 15 October 2020

Member organisations celebrate World Teachers’ Day

While Education International organized the 24-hour World Teachers’ Day celebrations across the world; beginning from Australia in Asia Pacific, Europe then to Africa and the Arab speaking countries, to Latin America, and eventually North America and the Caribbean, member organisations in various African countries also held their  own activities to recognize the teacher.

In cote d’ivoire, the Internationale de l’Education Section Cote d’ivoire (IESCI) celebrated World Teachers’ Day by congratulating teachers and education personnel and thanking them for their dedication. The union, in a press conference, expressed its gratitude to EI for the making efforts to promote teachers and education support personnel during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In The Gambia, the Gambia Teachers’ Union (GTU) organised a debate on radio.The union also held a press conference at its headquarters in Kanifing.

The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) celebrated the World Teachers’ Day under the theme ‘’Teacher Leadership in Developing Crisis Education Responses’’. Best performing teachers were recognised by the Government and given a wide range of fabulous prizes, including, computers, cars, and houses. Watch full event here.

In Kenya, as the world marked World Teachers' Day, Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) called out its employer, the Teachers’ Service Commission (TSC) for discriminating against it and excluding its members from pay rise. They have further challenged the commission for paralyzing its functions. Watch event here

In Malawi, the World Teachers Day was celebrated over a period of two days and in two venues:  in Lilongwe at Ching’ombe Full Primary school on 5th October and on 9th October at Makawa Full Primary School in Mangochi. On these days, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology awarded over 100 outstanding primary and secondary school teachers together with their respective District Education Managers and Division Managers for their excellent work.   More information here.

The National Teachers’ Association of Liberia (NTAL) organised a national event. The event was attended by teachers, civil society organisations, government representatives, education development partners, the Minister of Education, education unions and others. The union leaders called on the Government of Liberia to improve the health, safety and welfare of teachers and learners. Visit this link for details.

In Nigeria, the Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT) marked the 2020 World Teachers’ Day by appealing to the Federal Government for an upward review of the retirement age of teachers and education officers. The event also gave the opportunity to award and recognize teachers for the “motivation of productivity and quality service delivery’’. Read more here.

The South African Democratic Teachers’ Union (SADTU) celebrated its 30th anniversary through a virtual event.  The union’s launch was a culmination of a teacher unity process where SADTU recommitted never to stop fighting for better remuneration and working conditions for educational workers. More on the event here.

In Togo, the Fédération des Syndicats de l'Education Nationale (FESEN) marked the World Teachers Day by placing the first building stone at its headquarters. The event was commemorated with the presence of the former EI Africa, Chief Regional Coordinator, Mrs. Assibi Napoe.

The Uganda National Teachers’ Union (UNATU) carried out a nation-wide tree planting exercise in every district/ municipality/ city in Uganda in a one-week celebration of teachers. The activities climaxed in an event graced by the state president. More about the events can be found here.

In Zimbabwe/ZIMTA called on the government to ensure quality education for all and better salaries for teachers.

EIRAF congratulates all those who took part in celebrating the World Teachers’ Day in whatever way including those whose stories we were unable to capture in this article. These are hard times because of the Covid-19 pandemic and kudos to those who were able to send us their stories. We will be happy to share any other stories as we receive them.

Member organisations pictures  on World Teachers’ Day are available here.