EIARC Adopts Resolutions to Protect Quality Education and Teachers

published 26 February 2021 updated 26 February 2021


The Education International Africa Regional Committee (EIARC), meeting online on the 23rd, 24th and 25 of February 2021 passed three resolutions on quality education beyond COVID-19, Nigeria, and Ethiopia.

The EIARC, concerned by the evidence from EIRAF surveys, the reports they received from the zones and the discussions during the meeting, observed that the quality of education is likely to suffer considering the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The insecurity in the continent and the effects of climate change were a threat to the achievement of quality education. Governments need to act now to protect quality education . Find the resolution here.

The conflict in Northern Ethiopia drew the attention of the committee following the death or displacement of teachers, Education Support Personnel (ESP) and students. Fighting between the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and the Federal Government is having devastating effects on teachers, ESP, students, their families, and the whole education system in the region as schools remain closed due to the conflict. The EIARC therefore reaffirms its solidarity with ETA and called upon the Government and the international community to take urgent action to protect teachers and students Read the full resolution here.

The EIARC was further concerned that schools in many countries in Africa especially Nigeria are not the safe havens they should be. Teachers, Education Support Personnel (ESP) and students are at risk simply by coming to school, because armed forces consider them, schools, and tertiary education institutions as legitimate targets. Frequent abductions in Nigerian schools threatens to undermine the education of millions of children. The EIARC therefore reaffirmed its solidarity with the Nigeria Union of Teachers and called on the Government of Nigeria to ensure that schools are safe and secure. Here is the resolution.