We the educators

published 10 August 2017 updated 6 January 2022

The objective of this literature review was exploratory in nature, and because of the depth of the literature (both academic and non-academic) available on standardisation, personalisation and privatisation, this review focuses primarily on scholarly articles and books published in the past decade.

Taken together, this research attempts to provide a balanced view of the concepts and may begin to inform an analysis of the converging fields of educational technology and datafication, as well as become an impetus for ongoing research. Select non-academic texts that provide valuable insight into the subject have also been considered. In reviewing the literature, questions surrounding accountability and the place of technology and data in learning arise.

This investigation into technology-driven datafication and its effects on teaching and learning around the world is preliminary and limited in part by its interdisciplinary nature. At the same time, the relationship that begins to emerge here between the datafication of learning and the privatisation and standardisation of student learning begs attention and further scrutiny. For more information and videos visit: www.wetheeducators.com