Global managerial education reforms and teachers

Edited by Antoni Verger, Hülya Altinyelken Mireille de Koning

published 15 January 2013 updated 7 January 2022

The EI Research Institute and the University of Amsterdam IS Academie "Education and Development" have co-published a volume exploring the role that teachers play in global policy processes and the effects of education reforms on teachers' labour and professionalism in seven case study countries, including India, Indonesia, Jamaica, Namibia, Peru, Turkey and Uganda.

The chapters are based on empirical research and analyse how different global education policies, including PPPs, competency-based curriculum, school clusters, teachers' evaluation and accountability have been adopted and implemented in varying contexts and how they transform teachers' work. The various case studies show that teachers responses to global managerial education reforms are diverse and contradictory, yet all underline the crucial importance of teachers' agency for educational development.