Commercialisation in public schooling - An Australian study

published 20 December 2017 updated 13 January 2022
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The Commercialisation in Public Schooling project explores the extent and character of commercialisation in Australian public schooling. The study also documents the structural conditions, as well as political values, which enable this.

Aims of the Commercialisation in Public Schooling Project

  1. To understand the extent and nature or commercialisation in Australian public schooling
  2. To understand the enablers of commercialisation in Australian public schooling
  3. To consider the implications of commercialisation in Australian public schooling

This report consists of three component parts.

1. An account of the literature examining what is happening in education systems in relation to commercialisation in schooling.

2. A national survey of Australian Education Union (AEU) members that:

a) asks their perceptions of the commercialisation of public education in Australia;

b) gathers evidence of the types of activities that corporate interests are undertaking in Australian public schools;

c) gathers evidence regarding the concerns that education professionals affiliated with the AEU have with the increased role of commercial interests in public education; and

d) makes suggestions for further research.

3. A case study of the National Schools Interoperability Program.

Each section can be read in its own right; however, the report also sits as a coherent whole giving insights into the scale, complexity and activities of commercial providers in Australian public schooling.