Ukraine: Education unions from around the world stand in solidarity

published 28 February 2022 updated 13 October 2023

Education unions from around the world have expressed their solidarity with the people of Ukraine and have condemned the Russian invasion of the country.

Education International and its European Trade Union Committee for Education (ETUCE) have issued a strong joint statement demanding an end to the military aggression and sovereign peace for Ukraine.

Education International stands in solidarity with it's member unions in Ukraine who represent teachers and education workers who are in fear for their lives and their country: The Trade Union of Education and Science Workers of Ukraine (TUESWU) and the Free Trade Union of Education and Science of Ukraine (VPONU).

Education Unions around the world have also demanded an end to the invasion and called for peace.


The Lithuanian Education and Science Trade Union has mobilised its members to use their first lesson on Monday, February 28, to speak to students about the history of Ukraine and about the importance of solidarity at this critical time.

Audrius Jurgelevičius, a history teacher and the union’s Deputy Chairperson, gave an online history lesson on Ukraine on Monday, 28 February. The lesson was streamed live on YouTube.

The Lithuanian Education Employees Trade Union has launched an initiative to help Ukrainian refugee children and ensure their education.


ZNP, Education International member organisation in Poland, expressed solidarity with Ukraine and published a guide for teachers on how to speak to students about the war on their borders.


GEW, Education International member in Germany, has condemned Russia's invasion of Ukraine and encouraged members to participate in a anti-war protest on Sunday, February 27, in Berlin.

The VBE education federation expressed its solidarity with the teachers, students and people of Ukraine and reaffirmed its unwavering support to the Ukrainian education unions.


The GÖD Board has issued a resolution condemning Russia's military attack on Ukraine and expressing solidarity with the Ukrainian people.


FGTB has issued a statement of solidarity with the people of Ukraine and a call for peace.

The ACV has condemned the invasion and called on all concerned parties to work towards a peaceful resolution.


Education International member ČMOS-PS has condemned Russia's aggression and expressed solidarity with education unions, teachers, students and all people of Ukraine.


The Dansk Magisterforening and the Danish Union of Teachers have condemned the Russian invasion and expressed their solidarity with the Ukrainian people.


The Estonian Educational Personnel Union has expressed its support.


Education union OAJ stands with Ukraine.


Education unions UNSA, SNES-FSU, SNUIPP-FSU, SNESUP-FSU, and SNCS-FSU have expressed their solidarity.


The Educators and Scientists Free Trade Union of Georgia have expressed their solidarity and support.


The Irish National Teachers' Organisation and the Irish Federation of University Teachers stand with Ukraine.


All Education International member organisations in Italy have expressed their solidarity with Ukraine and have supported the anti-war protests in the country.


The Latvian Educational and Scientific Workers' Trade Union has expressed its deepest solidarity with its colleagues and the entire people of Ukraine.


The Education and Science Trade Union Federation from Moldova has expressed support and solidarity with the education unions of Ukraine and has initiated a solidarity campaign to assist war refugees.


The Union of Education Norway has issued a statement condemning the Russian attack on Ukraine and called on the Norwegian government to provide humanitarian aid.


The National Federation of Education (FNE) has issued a statement condemning Russian's aggression and standing in solidarity with Ukraine.


The Trade Union of Workers in Education and Science in Slovakia stands with Ukraine.


The education union FECCOO stands in solidarity with Ukraine and expressed its hope that a peaceful resolution to the conflict will soon be reached.

More recently, a joint declaration from Spain's CCOO and UGT has been issued condemning Russian's invasion and calling for peace.


The education unions Lärarförbundet, LR and SULF have expressed their solidarity with colleagues, children, students and the whole people of Ukraine. They have called on the international community to use all diplomatic means to stop the conflict.

United Kingdom

The NASUWT stands in unity with the people of Ukraine and the international community in condemning the illegal invasion and military action by Russia in Ukraine. Read the statement.

The UCU have expressed solidarity with all those affected by the devastating events in Ukraine and asked governments to ensure all people are able to reach a place of safety.

United States

The National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) stand with Ukraine.

The AFT Executive Council also adopted a Statement on Ukraine.

Read the piece written by AFT President Randi Weingarten on the tragedy in Ukraine, published in the New York Times ( English, French, Spanish, Russian, German).


Japan Teachers' Union has issued a statement protesting Russia's invasion of Ukraine and calling for peace.


The Canadian Teachers' Federation, the Quebec National Federation of Teachers (FNEEQ-CSN) and the Canadian Labour Congress stand with Ukraine.


The National Confederation of Education Workers (CNTE) and unions in Brazil stands with Ukraine. CNTE have issued a statement calling for the end of the war and the respect of Human Rights in war-affected populations.


The Australian Education Union denounced the act of war by Russia and urged the world's governments to strive for peace and an end to this humanitarian crisis.

The New South Wales Teachers Federation joined the global union movement in condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine.