© Photo by snapshot-photography/F Boillot/Isopix
© Photo by snapshot-photography/F Boillot/Isopix

Iran: Education International urges authorities to respect human rights amidst nationwide protests

published 26 September 2022 updated 10 October 2023

Education International stands in solidarity with the brave protestors who take the streets throughout Iran to demand the respect of human rights by the authorities.

For months, Iranian teachers, workers and unionists have been exercising their fundamental right to freedom of assembly. Instead of engaging in dialogue with demonstrators, the authorities of Iran respond with repression, violence, and detentions.

The recent extrajudicial killing of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, who died in police custody following her arrest for allegedly failing to comply with rules on women’s dress, is shocking. She is another victim of Iran’s sustained repression and systematic discrimination against women and workers.

Education International firmly rejects any state persecution for trade union activity, and will again report about the abusive detentions of teacher trade unionists to the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

Education International is also liaising with Amnesty International which adopted as Prisoner of Conscience Esmail Abdi, former Secretary General of the Tehran Teachers’ Trade Association. Abdi has been imprisoned since 2006 on trumped up charges of “propaganda against the State”.

Education International will continue to demand that the Iranian authorities and government:

  • immediately release all trade unionists detained in connection with their union activities;
  • guarantee and protect the right to freedom of association and assembly for all citizens.

Education International remains committed to campaign for the observance of fundamental human rights for workers in Iran.