Analysis of National Statements of Commitment presented at the Transforming Education Summit

published 7 July 2023 updated 7 July 2023
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The Transforming Education Summit (TES) took place in September 2022 as the first meeting of heads of state in the “post COVID” period. It presented an important opportunity to initiate true transformation of global education, as country representatives gathered, made commitments and calls to action, and set priorities and targets towards achieving educational transformation in the midst of an educational crisis following the disruptions and impact of Covid-19.

This report describes the results of a thorough analysis of 131 National Statements of Commitment submitted by the participating countries. The analysis conducted was a mixed method content analysis. It utilised deductive coding to understand commitments made around teachers, digitalisation, the climate, the financing of education and the commitments made regarding Early Childhood Education (ECE), Further and Higher Education and Research (FHER) and Education Support Personnel (ESP). It also utilised inductive coding in order to develop a deeper understanding of commitments made as part of each of the aforementioned categories and an understanding of what commitments were made by each country. The analysis focused on the real commitments made and discarded mentions of certain topics or themes that were merely descriptions and had no intent for action or transformation.