9th World Congress: Growing our unions, elevating our professions, defending democracy

published 12 July 2023 updated 12 July 2023

From July 11th–13th Education International's member organisations around the world are coming together around the theme of ‘Growing our unions, elevating our professions, defending democracy.’

On the second day of EI's 9th World Congress, education union delegates adopted several enabling resolutions which were brought about in relation to the COVID pandemic.

Enabling resolutions

As the EI Executive Board, in December 2021, felt it would be unwise to have elections or even debates on resolutions or future strategies and orientations at the online World Congress, business at the 9th EI World Congress was reduced and restricted to what is necessary to maintain an ambitious level of activity and keep Education International running in accordance with its governing rules until the in-person 10th Congress, which will then be organised in normal conditions.

Delegates therefore debated, voted on and adopted the following enabling resolutions:

  1. Enabling resolution substituting a simplified and clarified text of the Constitution and Bylaws.
  2. Enabling resolution regarding the programme and budget 2024.
  3. Enabling resolution on the extension of the mandate of the external auditors.
  4. Enabling resolution extending the terms of office of members of the internal Audit Committee.

2024 EI Programme and Budget

EI General Secretary David Edwards also presented a modified 2024 EI Programme and Budget, which will allow for EI to function properly and lead multiple activities until the EI World Congress meets again in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in July 2024.

“As Education International and its members emerge from the pandemic period, a perfect storm of challenges is facing us,” Edwards explained, adding that “while global education has moved up the agenda of many international agencies and global initiatives, and teachers and educator policy are increasingly placed at the centre of the education debates, we are not seeing education budgets and salaries keeping pace."

“Education unions in too many countries are increasingly operating in unfriendly, if not hostile, environments, where their views are ignored and where rights and professional freedoms are restricted, or even revoked. Climate change, natural disasters and conflict are exacerbating the problems requiring almost permanent level of emergency responses," he added.

Edwards stated that “EI will be on strong footing to achieve its core objectives and serve its members with fidelity and impact. Moreover, if we are successful at creating the enabling conditions, tools and resources for our members to grow stronger, defend those under attack and organize for a more democratic and equitable world, we will all benefit.”

We will be reporting about the 9th EI World Congress on the EI website and on our social media platforms ( #EICongres s; Twitter: @eduint; Facebook: Education International; Instagram: eduint). Stay tuned, spread the word and join the conversation!