Tanzania Teachers Union leadership appointments sparked concerns

published 2 February 2023 updated 13 October 2023

The Republic of Tanzania authorities have responded to concerns raised by Education International and have reevaluated their previous appointments of senior education union officials. The appointments in question involved Lucas Ulaya, Tanzania Teachers Union (TTU) President, and Maganga Japhet, TTU Secretary General, who had been unilaterally assigned to the positions of country district commissioners. While recognising the capabilities of these senior TTU officials, concerns had emerged regarding the leadership void created within the union.

The International Labour Organization Convention 87, which addresses freedom of association and was ratified by the Republic of Tanzania in 2000, underscores the autonomy of workers' organisations in determining the conditions for electing their leaders, with authorities refraining from unwarranted interference. The decision by the authorities to allow the TTU's President and Secretary General to concentrate on union operations is viewed as a positive development.