Credits: lifenets.org
Credits: lifenets.org

Concerns mount over teacher detentions and threats in Angola

published 23 August 2023 updated 4 June 2024

Education International has expressed grave concerns to Angolan authorities following distressing reports of illegal detentions of teacher unionists and threats against educators. Threats include negative evaluations, terminations, and the exclusion of unionised probationary teachers from employment opportunities. Particularly troubling is a letter from a provincial education director, urging national police intervention against educators.

Education International has reminded authorities that educators in Angola have rights guaranteed by national law and international conventions ratified by the Republic of Angola. These rights enable them, and morally encourage them, to advocate for improved teaching and learning conditions for the nation's children and youth.

Despite recognising the complexity of the challenges faced by Angola's education sector, Education International deplores the persistently inadequate working conditions. Even amid economic growth, Angolan classrooms grapple with overcrowding and resource shortages.

Education International calls upon the Ministry of Education in Angola to collaborate with the teacher union, the Sindicato Nacional de Professores (SINPROF), in addressing these critical issues and ushering in transformative changes within the education system.