Urgent Action Appeal: Earthquake in Morocco

published 15 September 2023 updated 20 March 2024

Education International (EI) is launching a call for solidarity in support of colleagues in Morocco.

EI reacted swiftly and expressed solidarity and condolences with the Moroccan educators and students who are still grappling with the crisis following the devastation of a 6.8 magnitude earthquake which hit on Friday night 8th September. You can find an article about it on the EI website here.

Member organisations in Morocco welcomed the global solidarity from EI and decided to join efforts to support the education community in the affected areas. EI has made an initial financial contribution to help with immediate needs.

The death toll continues to rise. Currently more than 2,900 people have died and more than 5,500 are injured. Fortunately, no local representatives of EI’s member organisations have been injured, but many have lost at least one family member.

The earthquake struck poor mountainous regions. Entire villages, including the schools, were destroyed and remain totally inaccessible. Survivors are having great difficulty finding shelter and food, and now fear the spread of epidemics. In these areas, there is still no internet or electricity. The population is still in shock, and psychological support is required.

EI has been informed of the deaths of 19 teachers and over 100 pupils in the Taroudant region. Around 530 schools have been destroyed, as well as 55 boarding schools. This jeopardises the schooling of many children, especially girls.

In this context, member organisations are mobilising to identify the needs of their members and put in place mechanisms to deliver assistance.

EI immediately expressed our global solidarity with our members affected by this catastrophe.

In response to this tragedy, EI is issuing this urgent call for solidarity and seeks financial support to help sister organisations in Morocco. You can contribute to the Solidarity Fund according to your financial capacity by making a donation to:

Education International

ING Bank

24, Avenue Marnix 1000 Brussels

IBAN: BE05 3101 0061 7075


With the indication: Morocco - Earthquake Solidarity Fund