Our global solidarity is imperative to defend human rights

Education International's statement on International Human Rights Day

published 8 December 2023 updated 20 March 2024

On International Human Rights Day, Education International reaffirms our collective commitment to defending human rights around the world.  We must remain firm and united around the principles of peace, justice, equality, democracy, and dignity for all. It is our shared responsibility to stand resolutely against all human rights violations and strive for a world where every person can live free from fear, discrimination, and oppression.

This year, we observe the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on December 10th, 1948 and enshrining human rights into law around the world. As we mark this date, we are concerned by the undermining of democratic values and democracy in many countries and regions. We will not turn a blind eye to the ongoing violations of human rights that impact millions worldwide, from war to social injustice, and systemic discrimination.  

Our global solidarity is critical to addressing pressing human rights issues affecting our communities. As the global voice of education workers, Education International reaffirms its commitment to building fair, safe, equitable, and inclusive societies for all. Realising the promise of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights requires our continued dedication, mobilisation, and steadfast solidarity. 

Education is key to enabling the rights that strengthen people’s ability to reflect, engage in critical thinking, make informed decisions, and reach their full potential. None of the crises the world faces can be overcome without education. This is why our global mobilisation and advocacy for free, quality public education for all as a universal right and a public good is imperative and must continue.  

Freedom of association and trade union rights are essential rights and the cornerstone of any democracy. We will continue to mobilise and organise to defend the rights of education workers around the world and the rights of all workers everywhere.