International solidarity in the face of regressive actions by the government of Argentina

published 21 December 2023 updated 20 March 2024

The Education International Regional Committee for Latin America (IEAL) has expressed concern regarding the recent decision taken by the Government of the Republic of Argentina, under resolution 943/2023 of the Security Ministry. This measure restricts the right to social protest, freedom of speech, and restricts people’s ability to exercise their right to petition government authorities.

The IEAL Regional Committee has denounced Argentina’s Security Minister, Patricia Bullrich, for introducing elements that are contrary to the rule of law as they allow intelligence to be gathered on trade union, social, student or political leaders and organisations involved in protests.

The IEAL Regional Committee deplores the fact that the government of President Milei has begun its term with a containment strategy against social and trade union organisations, with the aim of implementing economic restructuring policies, even if this leads to violating union and social rights enshrined in national and international conventions.

In this context, both the Government of President Milei and the Minister, Patricia Bullrich, are being accused of violating the Constitution of the Republic of Argentina, as well as resolutions from the Interamerican Court of Human Rights.

The Education International Latin America Region vehemently rejects this repressive policy and is committed to remaining vigilant against any repressive act carried out by the government, underscoring the importance of defending fundamental freedoms and freedom of speech at this crucial time for Argentinian society.