Demonstrations against Milei in Argentina<
Demonstrations against Milei in Argentina<

Argentina: Education International stands with teachers and unionists fighting for democracy

published 15 January 2024 updated 18 January 2024

President Javier Milei’s Decree of Necessity and Urgency (DNU) is an attack on democracy and labour rights in Argentina. Education International has been in close contact with its affiliates in Argentina, supporting the opposition to this attempt to undo the historical gains made by the Argentinean people.

As a global advocate for quality education, labour rights, and democracy, Education International (EI) is committed to supporting its affiliates in Argentina to defend the principles of democracy and inclusion. At its meeting on 11 January 2024, the Executive Board of Education International expressed its unwavering support for the leadership of EI affiliated organisations in Argentina, stressing the crucial role they play in defence of the right to education and democratic values.  

EI affiliates have taken a stance against the anti-democratic and anti-union measures proposed by the new government and are taking part in the day of action on 24 January 2024.

Education International pledges its continued support to its member organisations: “We stand in solidarity with our affiliates in defence of quality education and against any action that undermines democratic values and the well-being of teachers, education support staff, and students.”

The Regional Committee of Education International in Latin America also condemns the government’s regressive actions and stands in solidarity with its affiliated organisations in Argentina - CTERA, CONADU, and the CEA. “We defend the crucial role of education unions in protecting teachers’ rights and promoting civic and democratic values in the country.”