Dr Mesake Dakuidreketi

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Mesake Dakuidreketi is a Senior Lecturer in Education and Deputy Head of School of Education at the University of the South Pacific (USP) in Suva, Fiji. He has more than 18 years experience as an educator at Secondary School level in Fiji rising to the level of Head of Department (Science) before joining the University of the South Pacific from 1997 until to date.

His research interests cover a variety of topics such as theories and views about what science is and the nature of scientific enquiry; macro and micro-level contexts of science teaching & learning; development of children’s thinking; classroom teaching practices and interactions. Dr Dakuidreketi holds a Diploma in Education & Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Mathematics from the University of the South Pacific, Master of Science from Waikato University and PhD in Education at Canterbury University.

Escritos por Dr Mesake Dakuidreketi

  1. Luchar contra la comercialización de la educación

    La actividad comercial en la educación del Pacífico

    Anna Hogan, Greg Thompson, Bob Lingard, Dr Mesake Dakuidreketi
    10 octubre 2019

    Este estudio recopiló datos relevantes para documentar y comprender la magnitud de la privatización y comercialización de la educación en ocho naciones del Consejo de Educación del Pacífico (COPE, por sus siglas en inglés): las Islas Cook, Fiyi, Kiribati, Samoa, las Islas Salomón, Tonga, Tuvalu y Vanuatu.

    La actividad comercial en la educación del Pacífico
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