Proyectos de cooperación

Proyectos de cooperación en curso

  1. Nepal

    Global Response to the privatisation & commercialisation of education (Nepal)

    2021 - 2023
    National Campaign against privatisation and commercialisation of Education in Nepal.
  2. Gambia

    Mentoring and Mobile Phones to support Young Women Teachers in The Gambia

    2021 - 2022
    Funded by the Government of Canada and this collaboration between the GTU and the CTF/FCE, linked 48 young women teachers in rural and remote areas of The Gambia with 12 more experienced colleagues in a mentee-mentor relationship (4 mentees for each mentor) to form a personal and professional support network....
  3. Benín

    L'éducation au changement climatique

    L’atelier de formation des membres du SYNAEM-BENIN sur l’éducation au changement climatique vise à mobiliser les enseignants et enseignantes, les autorités éducatives et d’autres acteurs des organisations de la société civile actives en éducation au Bénin sur les enjeux du changement climatique et la prise de conscience sur la nécessité...
  4. India

    Membership Education Project 2018-2019 (India)

    2018 - 2020
    A longstanding cooperation aiming at strengthening 25 affiliated Primary Teacher's Unions in India and their federation AIPTF. This project which is being implemented by AIPTF in collaboration with Lärarförbundet and Education International is an attempt to provide quality public education to all children and enhancing the capacity of union leaders...
  5. Nicaragua

    Out of Work Into School– Continuation of Education unions work (Nicaragua)

    2015 - 2022
  6. Senegal

    Lutte contre la privatisation/marchandisation de l’éducation

    2021 - 2023