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Iraq: education union rolls up sleeves to tackle infrastructure issues

published 4 January 2016 updated 4 March 2022

The Kurdistan Teachers’ Union has announced a major project to enhance the housing situation of Kurdish teachers and education employees, cooperating with over 20 companies in the construction sector to build 17,000 units of accommodation, mostly apartments.

“Quality environments are a cornerstone of quality education. Forty per cent of our teachers have not been able to obtain adequate housing, and so we have decided to enlist strong support to remedy the situation,” said Abdalwahed M. Haje, President of the Kurdistan Teachers’ Union (KTU).

The project is undertaken in coordination with the Council for Investment at the Ministry of Municipalities and the Council for Higher Education Investment, and monitored by KTU to ensure the accommodation is made available for teachers.

In addition to providing much-needed housing, the project will also include facilities such as schools, kindergartens, water supply systems, water recycling systems, drainage systems, electricity, and roads.