Maggie MacDonnell
Maggie MacDonnell

Leadership and passion shine through on final day of Unite Conference

published 8 May 2017 updated 15 May 2017

Inspirational talks showcased the heart of the teaching profession in Rotterdam as education leaders looked toward the future with optimism and a determination to strengthen the standards needed to ensure quality education around the world.

"Education is a tool for reconciliation,” said Maggie MacDonnell, the recipient of the 2017 Global Teacher Prize in her talk at Education International (EI)’s Unite for Quality Education and Leadership Conference. “Teachers can build amazing relationships with communities."

MacDonnell, a teacher in Quebec’s arctic region, moved delegates with her high-energy words.

Following MacDonnell, renowned education scholar Pasi Sahlberg examined the influences that small and big data play on influencing education policy.

The Unite Conference brought together nearly 300 education leaders from around the world with a focus on leading the profession.

Here you can watch MacDonnell's keynote (from minute 40:00)