Canada: new guide released to enhance cultural intervention for linguistic minorities

published 30 June 2017 updated 3 July 2017

To better prepare teenagers in linguistic minority schools to find their identity and prepare for adult life, the Canadian Teachers’ Federation has produced a reference tool to help educators work with their pupils.

The resource guide, Pour passer de l’activité à l’impactivité, which focuses on students aged 14 to 17, was created by the Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF) to provide educators with a framework for reflection, a series of planning tools, and a common language for Francophone students around the country.

“This ever-evolving guide is able to be adapted to constant, rapid, and complex changes, and meet the growing needs of diverse, multilingual and multi-ethnic Francophone communities, which are anything but sedentary,” says CTF President Heather Smith. “Our main objective with this guide is to make students aware of their Francophone identity and proud of the French language and culture,” adds the President.

Included in the online guide:

  • a definition of cultural intervention;
  • tools to set the specific goals of a cultural intervention and measure its impact;
  • ways to bring school staff to share resources, ideas and promising practices.

The guide is going to be adapted into English so that the Quebec Provincial Association of Teachers, a CTF Member organisation, can have the opportunity to apply the proposed framework in Anglophone minority settings.