Canadian Teachers’ Federation vows to support immigrant families in Francophone minority settings

published 3 October 2017 updated 11 January 2022

Through its launch of a new resource aimed at immigrants, the Canadian Teachers’ federation is working to facilitate the integration of newcomers and their families in French-language schools.

Together with the Association canadienne d’éducation de langue française(ACELF), the Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF) launched the second edition of Voir grand ensemble at the ACELF Conference in Calgary, Alberta, on 28 September. Voir grand ensemble helps immigrant families and teachers in French-language schools to facilitate their integration via the education system.

“This booklet is intended for the entire school community within the context of its cultural diversity, especially teens, parents of immigrant families and teachers in French-language schools,” said CTF President, H. Mark Ramsankar.

Francophone communities in provinces and territories where French is the language of the minority are increasingly hopeful that immigration will counter population declineand help maintain school populations, he added.

“These newcomer families are now part of the Canadian Francophonie and we want to do everything we can to help them feel they belong,” Ramsankar said, adding that Voir grand ensemble“addresses an important need”.

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