Iraq: Commitments to education improvements given to Kurdistan Teachers Union in social dialogue

published 9 March 2018 updated 4 March 2022

Substantial progress was made by the Kurdistan Teachers’ Union in discussions with public authorities to guarantee proper functioning of the Iraqi education system and provide decent living conditions for teachers.

The Kurdistan Teachers’ Union (KTU) has secured a commitment from the Kurdistan Regional Government to support basic and higher education and enhance the teachers’ conditions.

At meetings held on 7 and 12 February between a KTU delegation, led by union President Abdalwahed Muhamad Haje, with the Ministers of Education and of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the union raised the issues of low and insecure salaries severely affecting the quality of  education.

KTU also urged the regional Kurdistan authorities and the Iraqi federal government to make appropriate funds available for the education system based on international standards and in line with recommendations of Education International. This would ensure the normal, regular functioning of education and the ensuing benefits for Kurdistan and Iraq.

Other issues tackled included teachers’ scientific and educational standards as well as the importance of continuous training courses for teachers.

On teachers’ protection, Abdalwahed Muhamad Haje said that union had prepared a legislative proposal to be submitted to the Kurdistan Parliament. Both ministers supported the union initiative.