Iraq: Teacher union invests in facilities to improve education in Kurdistan

published 8 April 2019 updated 4 March 2022

Education unionists have invested in a building project to enhance quality education in Kurdistan.

The Kurdistan Teachers' Union (KTU) signed a contract with the Iraqi national company Bharari Kar for the construction of two buildings on the land owned by its Sulaymaniyah branch.

The 250 m2 first building consists of three floors with two rooms and an office for the KTU Sulaymaniyah branch to use for educational and professional conferences, meetings, seminars, and as a cultural centre for teachers with a library, a cafe and a restaurant. The second building is a commercial one. Twelve per cent of its revenues will l go to the KTU.

In signing the building contract, KTU President Abdulwahed Mohamed reaffirmed that his education union should “put all its efforts into finding financial resources for it to achieve its key objectives, and be able to provide teachers with the best possible services in terms of holding training courses, improving cultural and scientific levels, and generating interest in research focusing on persons with special needs as well as focusing on environmental protection”.

He also pointed out that KTU “is trying hard to establish a close relationship with national investors, as well as with civil society organisations to induce  students who have dropped out of school for any reason to return to schools and educational centres. These facilities will also help those psychologically affected by ISIS terrorist attacks, particularly Yazidi women and girls, through offering co-operation and training courses to integrate them into society”.

“I wish this project all success, so that the union will be able to run other programmes in the future and better advocate quality education,” Mohamed concluded.