Global Response to privatisation and commercialisation of education

Publié 31 décembre 2017 Mis à jour 31 décembre 2017
Cooperating organizations
Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES)
Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, Ghana, francophone west-Africa
Start date
1 janvier 2018
End date
31 décembre 2018
Privatisation and Commercialisation;

The growing commercialisation and privatisation of education is one of the greatest threats to education as a fundamental human right and a public good. It undermines the rights of children, students and the teaching profession and places the future of public education in great peril. Governments are abrogating their policy commitments and legislative and financing obligations for the achievement of inclusive and equitable, free quality public education for all. In some instances, governments are actively facilitating and/or encouraging the commercialisation and privatisation of education, not only in their countries but also abroad, as part of their international development programmes.

Against this backdrop, the Global Response to the Privatisation and Commercialisation of Education (Global Response) is EI’s answer to the exponential expansion of for-profit activities in education globally. We note the imperative of educators and their unions taking the lead in ensuring free quality education through a coordinated and collaborative global, regional and national strategy built on research, organising and mobilising with communications at the center.


The Global Response method of work and campaign development is underpinned by the following pillars: research, communication and unity and solidarity in and through action.

The national level research provides us with crucial objective findings to better focus our campaign goals. The significant media attention associated with the release of each research project assists us to combat the powerful hegemonic global narrative developed and driven by vested interests aimed at expanding commercial interests in and across all sectors of education.

The campaign goals and objectives informed by the research drive the development and implementation of national campaign plans which allow us to build capacity as well as unity within and across nations.


Capacity building, High profile political events, evaluation and planning meetings

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